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Metalektro WIA - information for employers 

Insurances for the Metalektro industry

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All employers and employees covered by the Metalektro collective labour agreement (CLA) can take advantage of our insurance and associated benefits. The Metalektro WIA Social Partners offer a discount on the premium. Our goal is to offer you excellent insurance and help. The employee portion of the premium is paid from gross wages, which provides a tax benefit.

  • Options to protect income in the event of disability
  • You pay a favourable collective premium
  • Disability insurance aligned with the Metalektro CLA
Currently, the application form is available in Dutch only. If you have any questions, please call us at +31 55 579 8198

Protect your employees from the financial impact of disability

As an employer, it's only natural to want to protect your employees from loss of income in the event of long-term disability. Taking out disability insurance from Centraal Beheer testifies to good employment practices.

As an employer, you are responsible for offering insurance options to your employees. Disability Gap Extra (WGA Hiaat Uitgebreid) offers the maximum income guarantee for your employees. All your employees participate in the insurance schemes you take out. If an employee does not want to participate, they must sign a waiver, which is stored in their personnel file. Employees must be registered with us through the online reporting tool within three months of employment. Currently, the reporting tool is only available in Dutch.

Use our handy WIA calculator to calculate your income in the event of disability. 

We’d all rather not think about it, but when it happens, you'll be glad you arranged matters well for your employees! 
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Solutions in the event of disability

Learn about the selected insurance policies for your staff.

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Disability Gap Extra

Your disabled employee will always receive supplemental compensation of up to 70% of their wage before they became disabled (up to the WIA wage ceiling) in addition to the WGA benefit from, even if they earn more than 50% of their residual earning capacity according to UWV.                                          Premium percentage 2024: 0.29%


Disability Compensation

With Disability Compensation insurance, you give your employee a temporary supplement to their income when they are 15% or more but less than 35% disabled.                              Premium percentage 2024: 0.12%


Disability Gapo

 The insurance supplements the WGA follow-up benefit from UWV under the WIA.                                                                  Premium percentage 2024: 0.19%

Online reporting tool

To the online reporting tool. Currently, the reporting tool is only available in Dutch.

CAO Metalektro

More information about the Metalektro CLA.

Information for employers

Information for employees

You can use these documents to inform your employees about the insurance and the choices they can make. The selection form or the waiver that they can complete can also be found here.

Policy conditions and more

View the policy conditions. Currently, the policy conditions are only available in Dutch.

View coverage and annual premiums in 2024.