De WIA-Compensatieverzekering van Centraal Beheer biedt (financiële) ondersteuning bij arbeidsongeschiktheid van uw medewerkers

Disability Compensation: temporary compensation for partial disability

Supplement your income in the event you become partially disabled

What is Disability Compensation?

Disability Compensation insurance (WIA-Compensatieverzekering) from Centraal Beheer provides temporary compensation if you are less than 35% but 15% or more disabled.

  • A reimbursement period of up to 7.5 years (up to 68 years old or the personal state pension age if this is lower)
  • Compensation continues even after leaving employment
  • Your employer pays 50% of the premium

Sample calculation: what will you get?

Martin is 43 years old and earns €40,000 a year. The compensation is the annual wage (up to the WIA wage ceiling) * the disability rating (15 to 35%).

  • Martin gets sick and is examined by the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) after two years.
  • UWV determines that he is 20% disabled.
  • Disability Compensation pays out:
    €40,000 * 20% = €8,000 per year.

Martin will receive this compensation for up to 7.5 years.

Calculate your compensation with the WIA calculator

Key features of Disability Compensation

If you are less than 35% disabled, you are not disabled according to the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA, wet Werk en Inkomen naar Arbeidsvermogen). As such, you will not receive a statutory disability benefit, despite having less income. Disability Compensation insurance from Centraal Beheer provides support if you are less than 35% but 15% or more disabled.

  • The compensation you receive depends on your disability rating.
  • The insurance is based on your gross annual wage according to the uniform wage definition (up to the WIA wage ceiling).
  • If you receive compensation and leave employment, you retain your right to compensation.
  • Premium payment ends:
    • two years before the final insured age;
    • when receiving a WIA benefit;
    • when receiving compensation from this insurance.

When does the compensation end?

You will receive compensation for up to 7.5 years, up to the state pension age (max. 68 years old). Compensation may end earlier in the following situations:

  • if you become 35% or more disabled;
  • as long as you are in prison. This also applies to pre-trial detention and detention under a hospital order;
  • if you die;
  • if you commit fraud;
  • if the maximum compensation period is reached.