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Below, you will find the policy conditions and other documents for Centraal Beheer's WIA insurances. Different policy conditions may apply to your ongoing insurances. Please look at the number on your policy sheet and check which conditions apply to your insurance.

As a courtesy we provide you with an English translation of our policy conditions and some brochures and forms. You can and may not derive any rights, entitlements or obligations from this English translation. Our disability insurance policies are regulated by Dutch law and as such, our Dutch conditions and entitlement documents are the only legal documents from which you can derive your rights, entitlements and obligations.

Currently, only the WIA policy conditions, waiver and WIA Selection Guide are available in English.

In the policy conditions, you will read exactly what you are insuring with our insurance.

Disability Gap (WGA Hiaat verzekering)

Disability Gap Extra (WGA Hiaat uitgebreid)

Disability Gap Extra (WIA Hiaat uitgebreid, AOV-P)

Disability Top Up (WIA Excedentverzekering)

Disability Additional Care & Welfare (WIA Aanvullingsverzekering Zorg&Welzijn)

Disability Compensation (WIA-Compensatieverzekering)

Employer's Disability Opting Out (WGA Eigenrisicodragerverzekering)

Our WIA insurances at a glance

Disability Gap Extra (WIA Hiaat uitgebreid, AOV-P)

  • Offers income security for a minimum of 70% of wages when an employee receives a WGA or IVA benefit
  • It is possible to insure a coverage percentage of 75% or 80%
  • At 80% to 100% disability, you can choose 5% extra coverage

Disability Top Up (WIA Excedentverzekering)

  • Your employees are insured for their wage abov the WIA wage ceiling or €100,000
  • You decide your own coverage, duration and yearly compensation; compensation up to actual state pension age is possible
  • At 80% to 100% disability, you can choose 5% extra coverage

Disability Gap (WGA Hiaatverzekering)

  • Offers a wage supplement when an employee receives a WGA benefit
  • 5% extra coverage from 80% disability
  • Professional reintegration service
For more information about our other WIA solutions, see our general WIA insurance page. Currently, this page is only available in Dutch.